"To have a great idea, have a lot of them".

- Thomas Edison

Transforming Ideas Values.

Our journey started under the leadership of Priyank, who envisioned a platform for the creation of innovative solutions for enabling modern enterprises experience both Business Growth and Value Creation, as well as Individuals to experience improvement and empowerment towards delivering better services.

INNOVATION ROOTS was incorporated in 2013 - 2014 as a private limited company and has since spread its presence, with multiple offices at Banapura, MP, and Bengaluru, KA India. Aside from major Indian cities, it has a major Operational presence abroad, in countries like Singapore, US, UK and large parts of Asia.

Priyank Pathak

“Creativity is our Hunger, Excellence is our Passion and Time is our Currency.”

- Priyank DK Pathak

(Curator & Managing Consultant, INNOVATION ROOTS)

Our field of expertise involves Agile Software Development methods (Agile, XP, FDD, Scrum), Scaling Agile Frameworks (LeSS, SAFe®, DAD), Lean School of Thinking (Kanban, Lean Product Development, Startup, UI/UX, Design Architecture), Engineering Practices (DevOps, CI/CD, Test Automation), Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, PPC, Analytics), Core Management Concepts (Behaviour, Leadership, Change Implementation) and ALM Tools (Rally, TFS, Jira, V1) & Technology. We are an official partner of CA Technologies (formerly known as Rally Software) and guide customer organizing with RallyDev ALM tool to scale up Agility at enterprise level.

A range of regular publications from our research lab on various popular Thoughts, Ideas, Concepts and Practices are available at www.innovationroots.com/blog. The 'Interview Series' featuring global Thought Leaders is among the most popular and followed Publications on our blog. 'Continuous Delivery and Agility Meet-Up', and 'Open for All - Agile Library at Bangalore' are knowledge sharing and community initiatives developed by us. We also support various community events by Agile Network India, Scaling Agile Institute and Lean Kanban India.


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