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A quintessential project requires a successful product that is delivered as per client’s expectations. At the end, the goal is the product should reach potential customers, and become a sales reference for the customers to buy, the very next day of the product shipment. This indicates the successful project delivery.  To become successful at product development, outside-in software development can be a good approach, to start with.

Outside-in development techniques are intended to help re-create this success on every software product you work on. Out of all the Agile software development methodologies, outside–in software development takes a different approach in optimizing the software development process. Unlike other approaches, outside–in development focuses on satisfying the needs of stakeholders. The underlying theory behind this method is to create successful software with a clear understanding of the goals and motivations of the stakeholders. Ultimately, the outcome is produce a highly consumable product that exceeds the needs of a client.

Further Reading:

Outside-in Software Development: A Practical Approach to Building Successful Stakeholder Products by Carl Kessler, John Sweitzer

The Agile Consultant | Book Series


The book Agile Consultant is a formal guide to become a go-to advisor for enterprise agile transformation. If you are a Consultant or looking forward to make a career in Agile Consultancy, then this book is a right thing to vouch for. The book is enriched with the consultative skills required to engage at an enterprise level agile transition. The book is written by former Intel Project Management Director, who earned fame world-wide with his expertise in Agile. The book is also contributed by the co-author Rick Freedman, an Agile expert and author of award-winning books such as The IT Consultant. The book teaches you how to overcome transition challenges and move beyond team-level coaching to guiding enterprise agility.


This is a great book about agility. The consultant word in the title may keep some people away from grabbing a copy, but once you start reading, you will find it is for anyone engaged in any form of agile leadership. Rick does a great job of bringing a lot of experiences together to illustrate the value of an Agile mindset and an approach to put them into action.


Rick Freedman

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