Quality Metrics | Glossary



Metrics are the measure of a business activity, or software. The ones that measure qualitative aspects are known as Quality Metrics. They involve stuff such as : efficiency, effectiveness and business value, among others.

Further Reading

  • “Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering”(book), by Stephen H.Kan.
  • For more on Quality Metrics, read here,

User Story Mapping | Book Series


This book describes story-mapping techniques and their importance for teams, to help them create products that meet user’s needs. According to author ‘User Story Mapping’ is not about creating set of written requirements, but a way of thinking, “Stories through words and pictures builds understanding and helps solve problems for organizations”. The Agile Coach and Lean Coach with the goal of helping individuals or teams to improve must read this book.

Authors :

Jeff Patton with Peter Economy

Published In: