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HiPPO (Highest Paid Persons Oopinion) is used as a descriptive term for the tendency for the lower paid people in office to defer to those with larger pay-scales than them, when making crucial decisions. It’s an understandable human instinct, but it is also cautionary and detrimental to the Agile process.

It is to be avoided because the Agile method ranks all team members are equal, wit no member outranking the other. This concept has proven to be difficult for new Agile adopters to grasp and initially, Team Members fear individual retribution. Hence, the solution is to deliver trust in a team to deliver, and eventually empowering them to solve problems.

Further Reading

  •  “Hippo: The Human Focused Digital Book” (book), by Pete Trainor.

Lean Change Management: Innovative practices for managing organizational change | Book Series


This book will guide you through the process of implementing a successful change and evading the change resistance environment that comes as a result of co-creating it. The practical examples with innovative ideas can help you through the process and would dramatically improve the success of implementing change in your system. After reading this book, your perspective of looking at the ‘change’ will be changed and you will also learn:

  • How change resistance situations emerge, and do’s and don’ts about it
  • How to change the perspectives of the ones involved in the Change Management process
  • A step-by-step process of how to combine the methods of Change Management and frameworks to develop a customized Change Management process that goes right with The Commission


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