Agendashift Debrief Webinar

[ Mike Burrows | Founder at Agendashift ]

27 October 2017

Online Webinar

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm IST



(Founder at Agendashift)

Mike Burrows is the author of book Kanban from the Inside (the first values-based treatment of the Kanban Method, which is based on his experience as interim CTO for a late-stage startup). He is also founder of Agendashift, the home of an integrated set of online, workshop-based and coaching tools for a growing community of Lean-Agile transformation practitioners. Prior to these roles, he was the Executive Director and global development manager for a top tier investment bank. His new book "Agendashift - clean conversations, coherent collaboration, continuous transformation" is due out later this year.

Session Overview

Agendashift is a coaching and leadership framework for Agile Transformation. This webinar explores the artifacts produced during the 2-day workshop on Bengaluru Flow Days organised in Bengaluru. This webinar talks about the activities like Discovery, Exploration, Mapping, Elaboration, and Operation. It also focuses on the outcomes produced during the team building activities True North & 15 - Min FOTO.

Learning Objective

  • Explore the concepts in Agendashift and get to know how it helps in Agile Transformation
  • Learn 5 elements of Agendashift
  • Q & A Session.

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