Agile Gurugram 2017 Conference

26 - 27 May 2017

2 Day Conference



Agile Gurugram, the flagship conference of Agile Network India is announcing the launch of third edition of the event i.e., Agile Gurugram 2017. The 2017 edition of Agile Gurugram conference is sponsored by INNOVATION ROOTS, GoEventz, SwiftKanban from Digite, and Scrum Alliance. Like every year, this time Agile Gurugram 2017 is featuring some of the well known Thought Leaders, Pragmatists, Practitioners and Professionals in the Agile industry.

We have the Keynote sessions by the honourable speakers Dave Snowden, Sudipta Lahiri, Prof. B.Sharma, and Rajiv Sodhi. Alongside the keynote sessions, we have many other insightful sessions presented by some of the industry renowned Business Leaders, Project Managers and Certified Trainers in Agile.

Come be part of the Agile Gurugram 2017 conference to learn more about implementing Agile and its benefits to your organization. Indulge in the engaging sessions, games and team building activities which inculcates a positive corporate work culture in you and your organization.

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