Doing Innovative Exploratory work using Kanban Webinar

[ Brett Ansley | Agile Kanban Coach, Brett Ansley Consulting ]

15 December 2017

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm IST

Online Webinar



( Agile Kanban Coach, Brett Ansley Consulting )

Brett Ansley is a Digital Product expert, a coach and consultant. He has experience in both leading and coaching product teams inside large companies and startups. He focuses on the intersection of commercial and technology opportunities looking for innovative ways to use technology to drive commercial results. Brett was one of the early Agile adopters and presently coaches the adoption of Lean and Kanban methods to optimise the efficiency of Product Delivery and Management.

Session Overview

The session takes audience through the case study of, a coaching team that was engaged in highly innovative discovery work within Government Digital Services. We will compare the before and after states of the team and what outcomes we were trying to achieve, the techniques we used to get there and the challenges we face during the implementation of a flow system within the larger organisation that was not used to flow.

Learning Objective

  • A real-time Case Study of a Coaching Team
  • Practical Techniques to implement a flow system
  • Q & A session.

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