Heart of Agile Workshop

[ Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, and Improve ]

Dr. Alistair Cockburn (Co-creator of Agile Manifesto)

President, Humans & Technology Inc.

24 - 26 October 2016

1 Day Workshop(s)

Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore



The Heart of Agile is an exciting, informative day-long workshop for all roles and at all the levels, learning from one of the creators of the Agile movement. The one-day workshop involves -

  • Just one, opening lecture, to catch you up on the state of product and software development right now
  • Two fast-moving activities that involve cooperating, developing, drawing, sharing, in short, being agile
  • Finally, a facilitated small-group discussion to work out what to do with all the insights from the day

This workshop helps to set your organization’s expectations for agile adoption, and create a shared experience for everyone to refer back to, and create new small improvements initiatives within the organization.

1 Day (8 Hours)
9:00 AM to 6 PM Each day (1 Hour break in between)
Batch Size
up to 100 Participants
Participants Profile
Beginner to expert
Course Delivery Language
Approach of Delivery
Mix of theory & workshop sessions (Classroom Training)
Certification Details
Attending the class offers a Certificate of Participation on ‘Heart of Agile’ signed by Alistair Cockburn
Accreditation Institute
Commercials & Logistics
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  • Lecture: What is and isn’t Agile development, the current state of the art in developing and deploying software
  • Timed Activity: A cooperative games of invention and communication
  • Timed Activity: Early business value, trimming the tail
  • Roundtable Discussion: Questions, answers and discussions from the day.

Learning Objective

  • Learn key concepts and ideas needed to make use of modern agile development
  • Unify the vocabulary so that everyone hears the same story
  • Spot impediments to communication and collaboration
  • Slice business requests thinly, Work in fine grained style
  • Understand what a user story looks like, is good for, isn’t good for and how to write them
  • Learn what “requirements” consist of, to understand what use cases and user stories leave out
  • Learn what is agile and what isn’t agile, and how to adapt.


This is a great workout day for an entire organization

  • Senior executives to receptionists
  • Business stakeholders to technical people
  • And for novices to experts (yes, even the experts will learn!).

Course Deliverables

  • Participation certificate on attending"Heart of Agile" workshop
  • In person 1-day long workshop full of learning and fun.

Want to Participate?

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