How Agile Leaders Improve Results w/ The Responsibility Process Webinar

[ Christopher Avery | CEO, Partnerwerks Inc. ]

1 May 2018

Online Webinar

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm IST



( CEO, Partnerwerks Inc. )

Christopher Avery - "The Responsibility Process guy". He is a reformed management consultant. He supports leaders and leadership teams in generating newfound freedom, choice, and power for themselves and others by advancing the world's first proven how-to approach for understanding, teaching, and taking personal responsibility.

Session Overview

The Responsibility Process is a potent and organic self-leadership tool for taking ownership and claiming the freedom, choice, and power that comes along with it. It's a brilliant shared language for ownership and non-ownership, as well as an elegant core organizing (i.e., sense-making) tool.

Each of these whys speaks directly to core values and principles of agile. Many agile leaders and coaches find The Responsibility Process priceless in their own agility, and in building agile teams, leaders, and cultures. This webinar is an attempt to make more explicit connections between agility and The Responsibility Process, and how it just might set you free.

Learning Objective

  • Understand The Responsibility process model
  • Learn relationship between Agility and The Responsibility Process
  • Q & A.

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