Animal Pocker Card

Animal Estimation Game

Team consensus-based Gamified way of Estimation

Estimation is every team's need to get the projection of work. Our consulting team has developed a team consensus-based game to guide the engineers estimation of the project work. We have four game variants available.

The Animal Estimation Game is based on simple concept of relative-estimation and influenced by Delphi, and Wideband Delphi Method for forecasting.

Buy the Kit

Game Kit
  • A deck of 9 set of hand designed Animal Cards for Estimation
  • An end-to-end facilitator-guide booklet, to coach a team to use Animal Cards for estimation
  • A set of index cards, for taking important notes from the conversation
  • A set of waving thought-alert cards, to manage the attention
  • An awesome 15 minutes Sand Timer, to manage the time-boxing
  • A Sports Whistle, to add fun to the activity